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See also Menadione sodium bisulfite

Roman name



Synthetic water-soluble analogue of vitamin K.

Of drugs

Synthetic (produced artificially) water-soluble analogue of vitamin C. Participates in Education protrombina. Has normalizing blood clotting. In its deficiency in the body develop hemorrhagic phenomena (bleeding).


Gipoprotrombinemia, obturazionnaya jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver, lung and Lully bleeding, radiation sickness, increased fractures receptacles desproteinemia.


Increased coagulation of blood. Embolism (Haaretz sgustkom blood).


In overdose rarely arises gipervitaminoz K, reflecting giperprotrombinemiei and gipertrombinemiei (elevated in the blood and protrombina 821-828-factors blood coagulability), hyperbilirubinemia (elevated in the blood pigment cium); In a few cases the children, toxaemia (poisoning), reflecting convulsions.

Dosing and Administration

Adults inside 0,015-0,3 grams per day; 0,01-0,015 injection and higher doses for adults inside : single-0.03 g daily, 0.06 g; Intramuscularly : single-0.015 g daily $ 0.03 and children under 1 year of age shall 0,002-0,005 grams to 3 years, 0.006 g 3-4 years : 0,008 g 2,712 - 0.01g, 10-14 years - 0.015 g / d reception 2-3 3-4 days; after a 4-day treatment repeat. The operation shall mean for 2-3 days. Giving a daily dose immediately after arrival at the Maternity Hospital, and then, if the child is not mature, 12 h and 24 h. Dose for newborns is not above 0,004 and

Storage conditions

List B. In a dry, the dark place at room temperature

Shelf life

3 years

The registration

70/183/48 (Ann.2004)

Indications for use

Jaundice due to the delay in the transfer of bile in the intestine, acute hepatitis (inflammation of the liver tissue). Lung (internal organs) and Lully haemorrhage (used in the preparations for the handyman and after them). Bleeding ulcers in the stomach and duodenal ulcers. Radiology disease. Trombopenica purpura (multiple bleeding under the skin and / or mucous membranes due to the reduction of platelets in the blood). Thrust gemorroidale (from the extended veins of the rectum), and bow haemorrhage. Recent months of pregnancy (for the prevention of bleeding in the newborn). Haemorrhagic disease (increased bleeding) in newborns. Long uterine juvenile and preklimaktericeskie bleeding (dysfunctional uterine bleeding before puberty and predklimaktericescom period). Bleeding tuberculosis in the lungs, septic diseases (diseases related to the presence in the blood of germs), a strong gipoprotrombinemii (decrease in blood protrombina-factor blood coagulability), in the application of anti - (funds holding down blood), antagonists (with the opposite effect) of vitamin K : fenilina, neodikumarina et al.

Form of

Powder; Tablets to 0,015 grams per pack to 25 pieces; Ml to 1 ml of 1% solution in a package of 10 pieces.

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